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Life.Shared encourages and equips Christians to invite their family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances on a journey of discovering the God who has created us, loves us and invites us into his family.

Partner Profile: Partners International

“Partnering with local leaders in challenging places worldwide to build the church and transform communities in the name of Jesus.” This mission statement drives Partners International (PI) to remote corners of dozens of countries around the...

Redemption through entrepreneurship

The Charis Foundation believes that if we are going to move people from poverty to human flourishing, charity cannot be the only vehicle for change. How can entrepreneurship help?

Partner Profile: Cardus

Cardus is a non-partisan think thank dedicated to promoting a flourishing society. Read more about how they use high-level advocacy to help the poor among us.

Partner Profile: Arrow Leadership

“Jesus-centred leadership changes everything.” That’s the core belief that motivates Arrow Leadership Ministries to equip, resource and transform leaders by strategically investing in their character, competency and calling. While many leadership programs focus on adding tools...

In slow pursuit of the Kingdom

In today’s world, the causes and cases of injustice can be overwhelming. The temptation is to seek quick fixes through convenient activism. How can we join God in His long-term plan for Kingdom restoration?