What can we do to help our partners become all God has called them to be and accomplish all He wants them to do? It’s about more than money.

Beyond Granting


partnerships built on honesty, transparency and a genuine desire for mutual flourishing.


partners and being served by them as we engage in Kingdom work together.


for the mental, emotional and spiritual health of charity leaders.


to non-financial needs through creative problem-solving and connection.


partners to partners for collaboration
and creativity.

Redemptive Entrepreneurship

The Charis Foundation has been exploring the topic of redemptive entrepreneurship for several years now. This term was originally coined by Praxis Labs based in New York City.

Praxis is a creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to love their neighbors and renew culture.

Redemptive entrepreneurship means to join God in the renewal of all things through what Praxis calls “creative restoration through sacrifice.” With this framework, business rejects exploitative practices (using people to live for self) and moves beyond ethical choices (respecting people to improve yourself) into redemptive work (blessing people and dying to self). Many Christians operate in the ethical realm, but we believe the redemptive is the Biblical model.

Learn more about the “redemptive frame”

The Charis Foundation has been involved in establishing a local Praxis Guild for redemptive entrepreneurs living out their calling in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. The goal of the Guild is to be together, learn together and build together. It has been a rich experience for us as we engage in a community of non-profit leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to explore how we can use our vocations toward God’s redemptive plan for the world.

If you want to learn more about Praxis or the local Praxis Guild, email us at info@charisfoundation.ca.

Charitable Philanthropic Sector Forums

For almost five years, The Charis Foundation has been facilitating conversations with charity leaders and donors to discuss how to bring greater health and wholeness to the Christian charitable-philanthropic sector. We have been doing this alongside Brent Fearon of The Foundation Office, Lauri Thompson from Tapestry Philanthropy Partners, and Consultant Dr. Rod Wilson. We asked Dr. Wilson to write a summary of our shared conversations to date. We hope you find the article thought-provoking and invite your feedback on our reflections.

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