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“Until further notice – Celebrate Everything!”

It’s a catchy sentiment, and a nice way to wrap up the Power of Celebration sessions shared with over 100 Charis partners from all over the world. But like many motivational quotes, it needs a little more context and nuance to be practical in the raw realities of day to day charity leadership.

Donors and Charities: Reconsidering and Re-authoring the Story

For almost five years, The Charis Foundation has been facilitating conversations with charity leaders and donors to discuss how to bring greater health and wholeness to the Christian charitable-philanthropic sector. We have been doing this alongside Brent Fearon of The Foundation Office, Lauri Thompson from Tapestry Philanthropy Partners, and Consultant Dr. Rod Wilson. We asked Dr. Wilson to write a summary of our shared conversations to date. We hope you find the article thought-provoking and invite your feedback on our reflections.

Impact Investing

We have been asking how we can leverage our invested assets for social and spiritual good. We invited Third Way Capital to share their understanding and approach to impact investing.

Reflections on Trust in the Pandemic

Over the past two years, The Charis Foundation has appreciated talking to iTeams Canada about how to navigate the pandemic both in Canada and with partners around the world. See their reflections on trust here.

Resources for navigating 2021

Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker, and Dave Blanchard, published an article in the early days of COVID-19 that you likely heard about. It is titled: Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a Startup. It...

Partner Profile: Elimu

Elimu operates on the premise that every child needs at least one person who really believes in them. This is the key to helping them find hope for their future.   Elimu, whose name means “education”...
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