Bringing hope and healing to the world.

The Charis Foundation equips people and organizations to carry out their God inspired vision. By partnering with Canadian Christian charities, we desire to see the love of Jesus bring hope and healing to all creation.

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Our Granting Process

It’s our honour and joy to steward our resources for the glory of God and the health of his creation. Our challenge is to discern where God is calling us to invest spiritually, relationally and financially. When we grant to an organization, we are entering a unique relationship that requires careful attention and regular contact.

“Development is not done to people or for people but with people. The key dynamic in development is promoting an empowering process in which all people involved–both the ‘helpers’ and the ‘helped’–become more of what God created them to be.”
Steve Corbett & Steve Fikkert, When Helping Hurts