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“Jesus-centred leadership changes everything.”

That’s the core belief that motivates Arrow Leadership Ministries to equip, resource and transform leaders by strategically investing in their character, competency and calling. While many leadership programs focus on adding tools to the leader’s toolbelt, Arrow’s focus is on the heart. They start by assessing the health of each leader - spiritually, relationally, mentally and even physically. From there, they build out an 18 month growth plan and invite Jesus into every step.

Arrow knows that Jesus is the one who can bring well-being and health to all areas of life. That’s why each participant undergoes a 360 degree assessment process which brings insight into where they need growth, healing and instruction from God. By exposing potential blindspots alongside areas of strength, leaders get an accurate sense of what might be holding them back from their full potential.

“We help today's Christian leaders grow from the inside out. After coming alongside 1,000+ leaders in the last 25 years, we have seen how strategically investing in a Christian leader transforms both that leader and their community!”

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Leadership is hard. It’s hard to navigate constant change in a chaotic world. It’s hard to find perspective and clarity. It’s lonely. It’s hard to tend your own soul.

Roxanne Koop, Director of Staff Development with Athletes in Action Canada and Arrow Leader, recently shared about her past leadership challenges in the Arrow Ministry Brochure.

“I’d gone through a real tough time in leadership. I was in a season of questioning who I was, if I was still gifted in leadership and whether I was effective or not. I had also experienced some hurt in my leadership role. I think I was also stuck in my relationship with God and I wasn’t sure how to get unstuck. I wasn’t sure what the blockage was.

I was feeling the need to grow and I prayed to see what the Lord had for me. I sensed I needed the ‘character and heart check’ Arrow provides to see if I was at a healthy place or not. I felt this was the Lord’s timing… and then the Lord said, ‘I’ll provide, just go for it. Take this step.’

God has freed me through my journey with Arrow. The peace I now have with God I didn’t even know was possible. It’s been amazing to see how God’s done so much work in my heart and how there’s fruit being produced in other areas of my life. It’s freed me in my leadership as well as in my day-to-day life. The intimacy I have with Jesus is different today, I’ve seen him work in my life in new ways that stem from that peace in my heart.”

Arrow captures their approach well in their tagline: Discover how to be led more by, lead more like and lead more to Jesus.

As Jesus is placed in the centre of leadership teams, organizational structures and staff culture, amazing things happen. Strategic planning tools and negotiation skills are important, but nothing comes close to the ripple effect that follows a leader who is renewed and refreshed in their relationship with God, self and others.

The Charis Foundation loves being on mission with Arrow Leadership Ministries. If you have any questions about their programs and resources, visit their website or contact us at