We assist people and organizations to fulfill their God inspired vision.

As a granting foundation, we look for partners that align with our vision, mission and guiding principles so that together we can bring hope and healing to the world. Since 1995, we’ve supported work in 84 countries through 1,088 grants.

Vision & Mission


To see the love of Jesus bring hope and healing to our world.


To identify, resource and build relationships with Canadian charities that bring hope and healing to the world in the name of Jesus.

Guiding Principles

These guiding principles help determine what we do, how we do it and with whom:

Long Term

Committed to generational impact


Addressing the whole person and all of creation


Moving toward financial independence


Cultivating ventures that are creative, strategic and original


Learning from peers, sharing best practices, pooling resources and partnering with others

Local Church

Strengthening and encouraging the church through every opportunity

Local Leadership

Identifying and equipping local leaders to run local organizations

“Those who need money and those who can give money meet on the common ground of God’s love. When this happens, we can indeed say with Paul, ‘There is a new creation!’ Where there is a new creation in Christ, there the kingdom of God is made manifest to the world.”
Henri Nouwen, A Spirituality of Fundraising

It is our honour and joy to steward the resources God has entrusted to us for his glory and the health of his creation. Our challenge is to discern where God is calling us to invest spiritually, relationally and financially. When we grant to an organization, we enter into a unique relationship requiring careful attention and regular contact.

Our grant recipients consist of registered Canadian charities that seek to bring hope and healing to the world in Jesus’ name. It is not lost on us that these organizations do all the heavy lifting. They are on the ground and we are behind the scenes. Our role is to encourage, equip and pray for those who are on the front lines with the spiritually, economically and socially poor.